Launching a Global Compliance Ambassador Program


Launching a Global Compliance Ambassador Program

Thursday, 3 June 2021 | 1:00 PM ET (6:00 PM GMT+1)

Launching a Global Compliance Ambassador Program: A Step by Step Guide for Locating, Vetting and Fostering Local Ethics and Compliance Champions Throughout Your Organization.


When seeking to manage an effective compliance program for a global organization, proper implementation requires the support of management across departments in various regions of the world where your company does business.


Yet, a company’s resources do not always allow for a full compliance team be embedded in each local office. In this instance, the embedding of compliance “ambassadors” throughout the organization can be helpful in ensuring that compliance remains top of mind and there is a dedicated, local team member who can provide support to the corporate compliance function on the ground.


During this presentation, learn how to properly locate and vet team members for the role of “compliance ambassadors”, tips for effectively building out your “network”, recommendations for keeping your “compliance ambassadors” engaged (especially in a remote work environment) and most importantly, how to ensure local “buy-in” from all departments.


CLE credits are available for this webinar in the following states only – TX, VA, NY, NJ, CA. Additional instructions on how to obtain CLE credits will be provided during the webinar.


Maryse Tremblay

Director, Global Programs Ethics and Compliance
WSP Global

Maryse Tremblay has worked in Ethics & Compliance for many years and has acted as a leader within multiple compliance roles. She has acted for several years as the Ethics and Compliance Advisor for Bombardier, and is currently working with WSP Global as the Director of Global Ethics and Compliance Programs.

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