TRACE Foundation

The TRACE Foundation was established to promote, support and fund research, investigative journalism, publications, videos and related projects that encourage greater commercial transparency and advance anti-bribery education. The Foundation also awards scholarships, prizes and grants to individuals and entities working toward these goals and seeks generally to propagate understanding of the sources of corruption and the development of effective measures to reduce the scope and extent of the problem.

The TRACE Foundation receives funding from TRACE International, an entity that shares its mission. The Foundation has an independent board and exclusive decision making authority over the selection and execution of its projects and disbursement of its funds.


TRACE Prize for Investigative Reporting: Uncovering Commercial Bribery

The TRACE Prize for Investigative Reporting recognizes journalism that uncovers business-related bribery and financial crime with the goal of increasing commercial transparency and good governance.

Nominees may be print, broadcast or online reporters from any country who have investigated commercial bribery schemes, business activities that create serious conflicts of interest or similar commercial misconduct. Team entries and multiple submissions per author are permitted.

Bribe Busters: An Anti-Corruption Video Series for Children

Bribe Busters is an animated video series for children created by TRACE and released on International Anti-Corruption Day 2016. The videos are available in English, French and Spanish.

The series is one of the many initiatives TRACE has developed in support of its mission of advancing commercial transparency worldwide. Through Bribe Busters and accompanying comic books, TRACE provides communities around the world with the tools to educate children on corruption and to prepare them to be the next generation of leaders in the fight against it.