Compliance Training

Through our membership program, we offer unrestricted access to our award-winning eLearning library and customizable training platform. Content covers key compliance issues and is available in up to 26 languages.

Through our membership program, we offer unrestricted access to our award-winning eLearning library and customizable training platform. Content covers key compliance issues and is available in up to 26 languages.


TRACE has been recognized by Brandon Hall Group with three Excellence Awards:

  • One GOLD Human Capital Management (HCM)  Excellence Learning and Development Award in the Best Advance in Compliance Training category, for our latest anti-bribery compliance eLearning module, “Mission Possible” *
  • One SILVER Human Capital Management (HCM) Excellence Learning and Development Award in the Best Learning Team category
  • One GOLD Technology Excellence Learning  and Development Technology Award in the Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Compliance Training category for our TRACE Learning Management System (LMS)

*To be released in 2024.

Compliance training helps shield your organization from legal risk, protect your corporate reputation and create a culture of business ethics.

Join TRACE to easily deploy and manage a global online training program for an unlimited number of your employees and third parties. TRACE’s customizable Learning Management System (LMS) provides a secure, interactive, multimedia and  web-based learning environment. Support services provided by the award-winning TRACE team include an in-depth training session and ongoing technical support for administrators and learners. The TRACE LMS interface is available in 39 languages.

Our training modules are developed in conjunction with subject matter experts and offer top quality content. Implement our training to:

  • Build a legally defensible online training program that withstands regulatory scrutiny.
  • Provide employees and third parties with the knowledge they need to comply with key regulations.
  • Leverage gamification to improve learner engagement and retention.
  • Keep pace with evolving regulations and innovations in eLearning.

Our Course Library



Full Length Courses


20+ minute courses that cover key compliance issues, introduce employees and third parties to the law, and teach learners how to take appropriate action when faced with a potential issue.


Anti-Corruption Training (ACT)
Anti-Money Laundering
Conflicts of Interest
Economic Sanctions
Forced Labor & Human Trafficking
Global Anti-Bribery Compliance Challenge
Global Antitrust and Competition Law
Global Conflict Minerals Regulation & Compliance
Guide to Compliant Gifts & Hospitality
Intersection of the GDPR & Anti-Bribery Compliance
Introduction to Data Protection and Privacy
Respect in the Workplace
Sanctions Compliance
Sexual Harassment Prevention
Shipping and Logistics
UK Criminal Finances Act


Refresher Courses


10+ minute courses designed to keep key compliance issues top-of-mind in between annual training cycles.


Conflicts of Interest
Gifts and Hospitality
Global Anti-Bribery Compliance Challenge
Global Anti-Bribery Compliance Challenge: Regional Spotlight Modules
Global Anti-Corruption Overview
Third Party Due Diligence


Microlearning Modules


5+ minute courses addressing discrete compliance topics, offering learners guidance and best practice recommendations for addressing specific compliance challenges.



Animated Videos
Compliance Hot Topics
Compliance Minute Series
Compliance Training Aids

Compliance Games

3+ minute gaming interactions designed to reinforce key concepts and add a dash of fun to compliance training.

Anti-Bribery Compliance Road Map 

Anti-Bribery Key Terms

Flash Cards

Anti-Bribery Key Terms

Matching Game

Antitrust and Compliance Crossword Puzzles

Prove your knowledge to navigate safely to the end of the road!

How well do you know anti-bribery compliance key terms? Practice what you know with this fun flashcard interaction.

Test your visual memory while reviewing key anti-bribery terms in this interactive matching exercise.

Beat the clock to test your knowledge of key antitrust and compliance terms by reviewing the clues to correctly complete the crossword puzzle.

Bribe Buster Game
Bribe Destroyer
Gifts & Hospitality Expense Proposal Game
What Kind of Compliance
Dog Are You?

Match key bribery terms to the correct definition to win the “Bribe Buster” badge.

Test your reflex and compliance skills. Have fun by preventing inappropriate gifts from entering your gift box.

Evaluate proposed expenses for various characters to determine permissible vs. inappropriate gifts and hospitality.

Take a short quiz to learn more about your “breed” of compliance.

Pre-recorded Webinars

The TRACE Resource Center, available only to members, includes more than 200 hours of pre-recorded webinars. Webinars cover a broad range of anti-bribery issues, including compliance program and risk management, due diligence and anti-bribery fundamentals, industry and region specific challenges, and global regulatory and enforcement trends.

Live webinars on current compliance issues are held regularly throughout the year and are added to our library of recorded courses. To learn more visit,

Supplementary Compliance Materials

Our supplementary compliance materials can help enhance your compliance program and reinforce the lessons learned from online training throughout the year.

  • A Gift or a Bribe?

  • Can a Charitable Donation be a Bribe?

  • Compliance Memes Pack

  • Compliance STAR Poster

  • Red Flags: Watch Out for Signs of Trouble!  

These materials are available in select languages and can be translated in any language upon request. 

Looking for more advanced training options for individuals who manage compliance or are regularly exposed to compliance risks? 


Companies and law firms that are members of TRACE have the option of deploying TRACEpro, a comprehensive training program designed to provide a foundational understanding of key concepts in anti-bribery compliance. 

            Learn more about TRACEpro