Mexican Black Lists, Risk Assessment and New Sanctions for Companies that do not Undertake Due Diligence


Mexican Black Lists, Risk Assessment and New Sanctions for Companies that do not Undertake Due Diligence

Wednesday, 29 April 2020, 1:00 PM EDT - Wednesday, 29 April 2020

New regulations in Mexico established a requirement that compliance officers review not only national and international law enforcement action lists, but also the lists of people who are being investigated by the Mexican tax authorities for various reasons.


Additionally, lawyers are now required to carry out due diligence on their clients, whether they are individuals or corporate entities.


Hosted in Spanish, this webinar will provide the compliance officer with a comprehensive overview of these issues in order to assess and contain potential risks.


Denise Guillen

Legal Vice-president and Integrity Leader

Denise Guillen is Legal Vice-President and Integrity Leader for Nielsen in Latin America. She is responsible for providing legal strategic advice for the organization in different areas of law, including privacy and compliance. Ms. Guillen serves as acting integrity leader of the regional integrity program and regional leader of WIN (Women In Nielsen). 

Martha Mallory

Business Development Manager

Martha Mallory is a Mexican trained attorney with experience in white collar crime, internal investigations and anti-corruption, with a special focus on Latin America. She has over seven years of experience working for the Mexican government in the areas of law enforcement, international criminal law, financial assistance, project coordination and tax litigation. 

Omar Zuniga

Tax Partner
Creel, Garcia-Cuellar, Aiza y Enriquez

Omar Zuniga is a tax partner at Creel, Garcia-Cuellar, Aiza y Enriquez. He has practiced tax law in Mexico for almost 20 years becoming one of the most well-known and recognized tax practitioners on the market. Mr. Zuñiga has advised on tax matters of different ongoing M&A transactions, including the acquisitions of large real estate holdings, capital businesses, fiscal audits and has been counsel in diverse financing and financial factoring operations.

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