Code of Conduct Certification: Best Practices for Ensuring Employee Comprehension, Retention and Compliance

Code of Conduct Certification: Best Practices for Ensuring Employee Comprehension, Retention and Compliance

Wednesday, 23 March 2022 | 1:00 PM ET

As a follow up to our recent TRACE webinar, “Guidelines and Best Practices for Drafting or Updating Your Company Code of Conduct”, this session will review a first-hand account in how to build a Code of Conduct Certification and the lessons learned along the way. Topics will include:


  • Regulatory requirements: who, what, how, and why of Code of Conduct Certifications
  • Content: how to decide what goes in your certification module
  • Engagement: how to build a dynamic and effective training and how to drive global adoption of the Code in different regions and cultural settings

And additional helpful tips and details to ensure that your company not only reads a Code of Conduct, but truly understands how it relates to everyday business practices and keeps the organization working with integrity.


CLE credits are available for this webinar in the following states only – TX, VA, NY, NJ, CA. Additional instructions on how to obtain CLE credits will be provided during the webinar.


Paul Smith

Training and Communications Advisor

Paul is a Training and Communications Advisor in the Integrity department of SNC-Lavalin.

A graduate in Mental Philosophy from Edinburgh University in 2002, Paul had an eclectic career as a chef, bookseller, barman and voiceover artist, among many other things, before gaining certifications from Cambridge and diving into the world of adult education. A career in the language learning industry led to a role as a Director of Studies at an international language school where he could act on his passion for teaching teachers how to teach and learners how to learn.

For the past three years, he has been putting his pedagogical and writing skills to use in helping SNC-Lavalin foster a culture of integrity through the development of awareness campaigns, employee resources and training modules.

By creating content designed to reinforce and align the company values, demystify the various integrity controls and processes, and motivate a workforce to embrace a culture shift, Paul is proud to have helped shape the narrative of an organization as it evolves into a modern values-driven enterprise.

Originally from Scotland, Paul now lives and works in Quebec, Canada.


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