Best Practices for Conducting an Internal Audit (And How to Survive One!)


Best Practices for Conducting an Internal Audit (And How to Survive One!)

Wednesday, 13 January 2021 | 1:00 PM ET (6:00 PM GMT)

The thought of an internal audit can often incite feelings of uncertainty and high levels of stress within any organization. During this webinar, learn how to prepare for an internal audit and best practices for conducting the same as the speakers also address common trends during the audit process, as well as key takeaways when an audit has been completed.


In addition, should you and your team ever be asked to conduct an internal audit, this webinar can provide guidance and tips for how to approach the situation fairly and efficiently.


Anastasia Savvateeva

Senior Compliance Officer

Anastasia joined Pictet in Luxembourg after more than five years’ experience in compliance in the financial field (Corporate & Investment Banking, Private Banking) and audit & consulting sector. Until March 2020 when she moved to the Grand Dutchy, she spent most of her career in France where she worked for Societe Generale Private Banking, KPMG and Deutsche Bank in Paris. Anastasia is a Member of the International Compliance Association (UK) and as such is a Certified Compliance Professional. She is also a CAMS and a CFCS. Alumna of the Transparency International Summer School On Integrity 2017 in Lithuania, she is also involved in joint projects with Transparency International France, and as a Subject Matter Expert with Ecofel (The Egmont Group).

Davide de Rosa

Internal Auditor, Compliance Specialist

A lawyer by training, Davide started his career as a Compliance Officer in a software company in Italy. He helped to transpose the regulatory requirements into the IT framework. He then joined Deutsche Bank as a Group Internal Auditor and led in-country and international audits on specific products, business lines or corporate functions and assessed the adequacy and effectiveness of internal control carried out by the bank to mitigate the risks. In July 2019, he took the role of Internal Auditor at Amundi in Milan. His areas of expertise are, among others, AML, MiFID II, PSD II, AIFMD and UCITS.

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