The Intersection of Due Diligence and Trade Compliance

The Intersection of Due Diligence and Trade Compliance

Tuesday, 22 February 2022 | 1:00 PM ET (6:00 PM GMT)

The Intersection of Due Diligence and Trade Compliance: How Anti-Bribery and Trade Overlap and Tips for Integrating Trade Regulations into Your Compliance Program


Multinational companies do business with representatives in local jurisdictions as a regular business practice. As such, compliance teams need to not only be aware of local anti-bribery laws but also be sure to undertake the proper due diligence on local third parties as well. One component to include in the due diligence and vetting process, that can also be overlooked or even enhanced, is trade compliance.


During this session benefit from a discussion that will highlight best practices for integrating trade regulations as a key component of your due diligence program, as the speaker also presents case studies that illustrate instances where trade laws may not have been sufficiently considered, and the consequences for that oversight.


The speaker will also address the points of intersection between trade and anti-bribery laws and the need to integrate both into a successful compliance program.


CLE credits are available for this webinar in the following states only – TX, VA, NY, NJ, CA. Additional instructions on how to obtain CLE credits will be provided during the webinar.


Debra Cheng

Senior Corporate Counsel, Global Trade

Debra is global trade in-house counsel at Salesforce, and a former trade counsel and subject matter expert for export controls and sanctions at Caterpillar. Prior to working in-house, Debra practiced corporate law with a focus on international trade, transactions, and policy issues at a law firm in Washington, DC.

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