FCPA Due Diligence for Customers and Suppliers: A Checklist of Considerations for Global MNCs

FCPA Due Diligence for Customers and Suppliers: A Checklist of Considerations for Global MNCs

Thursday, 15 December 2022 | 1:00 PM ET (6:00 PM GMT)

Now more than ever the due diligence process carries heightened importance for today’s global businesses. As regulations evolve, shining a light on issues like ESG and human trafficking, it is of paramount importance that corporate compliance, business and functional teams are revisiting both internal and external due diligence processes to ensure organizational KYC processes extends through and across your vendor/customer supply chain. Risk based due diligence approaches that account for your organization’s global footprint, as well as the nuance of how “business is done” on the ground and your organization’s extended supply chain, including subcontractors, are just a few of the topics that will be highlighted during this session. Join us for this webinar which will include practical tips and takeaways as well as an overview of real-life scenarios offering concrete guidance.


CLE credits are available for this webinar in the following states only – TX, VA, NY, NJ, CA. Additional instructions on how to obtain CLE credits will be provided during the webinar.


Anastasia Gozaly-Loh

Senior Compliance Analyst
MAG Aero

Anastasia Gozaly-Loh is a Senior Compliance Analyst at MAG Aerospace, an aerospace and defense company providing technology services to organizations across the world. Anastasia’s deep involvement in trade compliance, specifically, makes her an expert on anti-corruption regulations, specifically FCPA; U.S. import and export trade regulations and laws, as well as global trade compliance and procedures. Having worked in both the public and private companies, Anastasia brings a wealth of knowledge about business practices from multiple facets of a company, and has adapted to many different compliance challenges.


Anastasia has worked within shipping, freight forwarding and trade for over a decade, and alongside her Masters of Business Administration from California State University, she applies her experience to create best practices from both a practical business, and ethical, standpoint.

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