Bribery’s Deadly Consequences

Bribery’s Deadly Consequences leverages real-life examples to emphasize that even seemingly small bribes can have devastating impacts.

Compliance Powered by Community: Justin Dillon

Hear what Justin Dillon, Manager, Corporate Counsel at a multinational open-source software company, has to say about being a member of TRACE.

Corruption Files Trailer

Corruption Files delivers riveting firsthand reports from the frontlines against corruption and reveals the real personal impact of financial crime.

Corruption Files | Episode 1: The Journalist: Khadija Ismayilova 

Azerbaijani journalist Khadija Ismayilova found herself being blackmailed, thrown in prison and later placed on probation for simply doing her job: alleging corruption among the ruling family. In the first episode of our Corruption Files series, Khadija tells her story.

Corruption Files | Episode 2: The Watchdog: William Gumede

How did a U.S.-headquartered management consulting giant’s venture in South Africa end with a public inquiry into the Zuma administration and millions of dollars in returned fees? Economist and political scientist William Gumede explains McKinsey’s role in “the wasted decade.”

Corruption Files | Episode 3: The Whistleblower: Ana Garrido (ENGLISH)

A career civil servant-turned-whistleblower in Spain found herself battling a nationwide political machine, facing death threats and hiding in a foreign country for years. This is Ana Garrido’s story.

Corruption Files | Episode 3: The Whistleblower: Ana Garrido (SPANISH)

Una funcionaria pública de carrera, convertida en denunciante de actos ilícitos en España, se encontró luchando contra una maquinaria política nacional, enfrentando amenazas de muerte y escondiéndose en un país extranjero durante años. Esta es la historia de Ana Garrido.

Corruption Files | Episode 4: The Insider: Johannes Stefansson

Johannes Stefansson alleged that the company he worked for paid bribes to gain access to Namibia’s fishing grounds. Years later, he reflects on the Fishrot case—and his suspected poisoning.

Corruption Files | Episode 5: The Insider: Gabriel Bourdon-Fattal

After reporting U.S.-sanctioned mining magnate Dan Gertler’s alleged illicit financial network, two bank auditors-turned-whistleblowers came under threat and were sentenced to death in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Gabriel Bourdon-Fattal with The Platform to Protect Whistleblowers in Africa tells their story.