Stop wasting time researching legal requirements around the world

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It’s crucial for compliance leaders to understand the global enforcement landscape and legal requirements around the world. Our country-by-country guidance on gifts & hospitality and working with commercial intermediaries, available to TRACE members in our Resource Center, provides a starting point to understanding what you can and can’t do when operating in a specific country. Updated yearly by our partner firms, these detailed summaries of local law requirements can save you time and money when entering a new market or updating your compliance program.

 The TRACE Resource Center can help you:

  • Quickly research regulatory requirements in over 140 countries 
  • Understand the global enforcement environment and key takeaways from recent cases
  • Raise awareness of compliance risks and evolving best practices
  • Benchmark your compliance program
  • Draft compliance policies or review and update existing procedures

For a limited time, non-members can access sample materials on the Resource Center. 


Hear what Justin Dillon, Manager, Corporate Counsel at a multinational open-source software company, has to say about being a member of TRACE.

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Receive an unlimited number of Resource Center user accounts when you join TRACE.

Interested in learning more? Write to [email protected] to schedule a virtual tour of our Resource Center and learn more about TRACE membership.