Five Tips for Building a Culture of Compliance

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A company’s first and best line of defense against compliance risks is its people. This month at TRACE, we’re sharing tips and resources to support you in building and maintaining a culture of compliance throughout your value chain.

  1. Use training as a starting point. Training presents an opportunity to keep the conversation going throughout the year with refresher courses, resources and ongoing communication. TRACE eLearning, included with membership, includes resources specifically designed for employees and third parties. Learn more about TRACE membership.
  2. Consider regional implications. Compliance teams should remain sensitive to the environments they’re operating in, tailor their messaging and delivery and build a network of global compliance ambassadors to bridge the gaps. Further reading: Calibrating Compliance and CultureFinancier Worldwide.
  3. Extend efforts throughout the value chain. The TRACE Resource Center contains a wealth of training aids and resources designed to help employees and third parties understand, identify and address risks. Learn more about TRACE membership.
  4. Tailor to a hybrid work environment. With the shift to remote or hybrid work environments, compliance departments need to get creative. Consider sharing resources and tips in company newsletters and meetings, requiring regular touchpoints with high-risk third parties, and holding informational sessions with employees.
  5. Integrate into the business. Compliance functions should endeavor to ensure senior- and mid-level managers are fully committed to ethical business and a policy of zero tolerance for corruption. For individuals who manage compliance or are regularly exposed to risks, consider deploying TRACEpro, a comprehensive training program designed to provide a foundational understanding of key concepts in anti-bribery compliance. TRACEpro is available only to TRACE members.

TRACE membership is designed to help you build and maintain a strong culture of compliance throughout your organization. Membership benefits include unlimited eLearning, access to risk management tools and the TRACE Resource Center, complimentary attendance to webinars and events, networking and benchmarking opportunities, and more. Write to [email protected] to find out how your company can benefit from joining TRACE.