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A Valuable Compliance Credential that Eliminates Redundant Reviews 

As foreign bribery enforcement continues to increase worldwide, companies operating globally are investing more in due diligence and requiring their current and prospective business partners to complete complex compliance paperwork. Recognizing this situation, TRACE developed a compliance credential for companies interested in obtaining and owning their own verified due diligence information for the purpose of sharing it with all of their global business partners. With this approach, companies complete compliance paperwork only once and gain the valuable business advantage of being recognized in the compliance community as having gone through the gold standard in due diligence.

TRACE certified companies are “pre-vetted” partners for multinational companies seeking to do business with suppliers, agents and consultants who share their commitment to commercial transparency.

What does it mean to be TRACE Certified?

It means that you or your company have completed a comprehensive due diligence process administered by TRACE, the world’s leading anti-bribery standard setting organization. Certification by TRACE signifies that you have completed internationally accepted due diligence procedures and have been forthcoming and cooperative during the review process. The successful completion of TRACEcertification demonstrates your commitment to commercial transparency, allowing you to serve as a valued business partner to multinational companies.

What are the advantages of being TRACE Certified?
  • Gain a valuable compliance credential that differentiates you from competitors and is widely recognized in the international business community.
  • Receive a copy of your verified due diligence report to share with an unlimited number of existing and
    prospective business partners.
  • Include your name, or company’s name, in the TRACE Intermediary Directory, a publicly searchable database of potential business partners for multinational companies.
  • Train up to 40 employees on anti-bribery compliance using TRACE’s multilingual online training*. 
  • Display the TRACE logo in your marketing materials and on your website to showcase your commitment to transparency and supply chain integrity.
  • Attend TRACE Anti-Bribery Workshops at no cost.

*If you wish to train over 40 employees or access additional training courses outside of the Global Anti-Bribery Compliance Course, a fee will be incurred. For more information on TRACE training courses, download the online training brochure or contact a TRACE representative by writing to [email protected] or calling +1 410.990.0076.

Get Certified

Getting started with TRACEcertification is easy. Access the TRACE Third Party Management System (TPMS), create an account and follow the instructions.

Access the TPMS


For further guidance, download the Get Certified in 8 Steps flyer, or contact us at [email protected]