Due Diligence Custom Review

Custom Review

Custom Designed Due Diligence Reports

TRACEselect® allows companies to order separately priced components of a due diligence report, based on their compliance priorities and risk profile. TRACEselect is designed to help companies better manage their commercial intermediaries at all levels of risk and fulfill their unique compliance needs with one simple and cost-effective due diligence solution. Through TRACE’s user-friendly Third Party Management System (TPMS), companies can order, track and view reports as well as manage intermediary relationships in a centralized platform.

TRACEselect reputational screenings now include country-specific risk information from the TRACE Matrix, a global business bribery risk index.

TRACEselect enables companies to capture information from within seven distinct due diligence areas:

  1. Gain visibility into the business, its structure, leadership and owners, along with clarification into ethical business behavior and prior bankruptcies, criminal convictions or pending investigations through a set of questions posed within the TRACE questionnaire. Organizations may substitute the TRACE questionnaire for a proprietary one.
  2. Full disclosure of key individuals’ ties to government is delivered within the content of the questionnaire and CVs going back ten years.
  3. Financial references, audited financial statements and business references provide proof of financial responsibility.
  4. Run a comprehensive research effort into violations of law or anti-bribery rules among any key party or entity within the organization by performing reputational screening of the organization. Due diligence analysts perform three research efforts, two distinct open-source media search efforts plus database research for politically exposed persons and any inclusion in sanctions lists, law enforcement lists, international regulatory enforcement lists and multiple other bodies’ lists.
  5. Documentation certifying that the Agent will not engage in certain conduct. TRACE can use its own certification, or a document requested by the Customer.
  6. Certified copies of business registrations, included in reports, provide proof of valid registration.
  7. Provide anti-bribery training via an online course deployed in multiple languages.

TRACEselect Report Options at a Glance

  • Anti-Bribery Questionnaire Options
      • TRACEselect Questionnaire 
      • Company-Specific Questionnaire
  • Resumes of Key Employees
  • References
      • Names and Contact information collected (but not contacted)
      • References contacted
  • Reputational Screening with Questionnaire
      • Includes follow-up with agent on any relevant returned results
  • Reputational Screening with Questionnaire
      • Screening only; no follow-up with the Agent
  • Financial Reference/Audited Financial Reports
  • U.S. Commercial Service/Local Embassy Phone Interview
  • Registrations (general business registration, or specifically requested by the client)
  • Training (administered and tracked by TRACE Inc.)
  • Documentation certifying that the Agent will not engage in certain conduct
  • Reputational Screening without Questionnaire
      • Summary only; no Agent information is provided
  • “Report Refresh” Option Discount