Business Against Bribery: Next-generation Compliance

Business Against Bribery: Next-generation Compliance

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July 18, 2017

In addition to supplying core anti-corruption tools and services, TRACE works to expand its members’ understanding of both crime and compliance.

Last summer we focused on crime, hosting The Greed Project at Cambridge University. We brought together anthropologists, journalists, theologians, economists and others to better understand what motivates people to engage in misconduct—from trimming ethical corners to blatant theft and fraud.

This summer we will return to compliance. We’ll convene a different sort of event, but our focus will remain on finding new approaches to ongoing challenges. Instead of compliance professionals speaking to other compliance people, we’ve invited senior members of the business community to gather for two days in Vancouver in August. Participants are attending from Canada, the United States and Europe. These consumers of compliance expertise—the business people on the front line—tell us they are rarely asked what challenges they face, and are even more infrequently asked how compliance professionals can better support them. This will be the first time a business group has been convened to discuss anti-bribery challenges and compliance.

We’ll spend two days discussing what the business community needs from the compliance community. We’ll explore what practical tools and initiatives would simplify and facilitate this aspect of their jobs. We’ll ask what the compliance community should know about the challenges business leaders face. If the compliance community has succeeded, as we believe it has, in demonstrating that anti-bribery compliance is good for business, then collaboration between the two corporate teams is a natural next step. We look forward to an engaging two days in Vancouver. The meetings will take place under the Chatham House Rule, but we will report out on major themes from the event, emphasizing practical solutions to complex compliance issues from a pragmatic, non-legal perspective.

If you would like more information about either the event itself or the post-event summary, please contact Virna Di Palma at  

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Business Against Bribery: Next-generation Compliance


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