TRACEcertification: Our Valentine’s Day Gift to the SME and Commercial Intermediary Community

TRACEcertification: Our Valentine’s Day Gift to the SME and Commercial Intermediary Community

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February 11, 2016

The origin of Valentine’s Day goes back to Saint Valentine of Rome who married couples in secret in defiance of a ban placed on marriage by Emperor Claudius II in an effort to recruit more soldiers. As punishment for disobeying the emperor, popular legend says Valentine was beheaded.  Although not a tale of romance, this popular legend embodies the core concepts of Valentine’s Day – integrity and commitment.

In the spirit of these principles, we are offering TRACEcertification, a globally recognized due diligence review and compliance credential (usually $2800), to small and medium-sized enterprises committed to commercial transparency at no cost for one year. TRACE Certified companies are pre-vetted business partners for multinational companies seeking to do business with suppliers, agents and consultants who share their commitment to integrity and transparency.

Certify-the-World-LogoThis initiative is part of a broader TRACE campaign aimed at advancing commercial transparency worldwide and reducing the burden of both performing and completing due diligence. The TRACE Certify the World campaign aims to support the compliance efforts of commercial intermediaries by waiving the cost of TRACEcertification, which includes anti-bribery training, for the first year. Thereafter Certified entities renew their certification annually at half the original cost. The Certify the World campaign was recently launched in Ghana at a workshop that brought together over 170 companies dedicated to improving integrity in the marketplace and raising compliance standards. View a short video here.

Redeem this offer by 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time on February 14, 2016 to join a growing international community of TRACE Certified companies. To redeem this offer, please write to Ingrid Marquez at with the subject line "Valentine’s Day.” The offer is non-transferable and may be redeemed by companies operating in all non-sanctioned countries. Please note: the TRACEcertification process must be initiated prior to March 15, 2016.

Candidate companies must meet the following criteria in order to qualify for this offer:

  • Company must employ no more than 100 employees.
  • Company must be directly owned 100% by an individual or directly owned by a combination of individual(s) and no more than two legal entities. The legal entity (or entities) cannot own more than 50% of the company’s shares.
  • Company must not be an existing or past TRACEcertification customer. This offer applies to new certified entities only and is not applicable to TRACEcertification renewals.

“We have gained more credibility by becoming TRACE certified. It has elevated us to another level where we are now able to enter where we could not go before.” - Francis Eshun, Danesh Company Ltd


  • Gain a valuable compliance credential that differentiates you from competitors and is widely recognized in the international business community.
  • Receive a copy of your verified due diligence report to share with an unlimited number of existing and prospective business partners.
  • Include your name, or company's name, in the TRACE Intermediary Directory, a publicly searchable database of potential business partners for multinational companies.
  • Train up to 40 employees using TRACE's multilingual online training modules including: Anti-Bribery Compliance, Avoiding Trafficked Labor, Conflicts of Interest and Conflict Minerals.
  • Display the TRACE logo in your marketing materials and on your website to showcase your commitment to transparency and supply chain integrity.
  • Attend TRACE Anti-Bribery Workshops at no cost.

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Justina Song TRACEcertification: Our Valentine’s Day Gift to the SME and Commercial Intermediary Community


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