The Business Registry for International Bribery and Extortion

Launched in mid-2007, BRIBEline is a secure, multi-lingual website through which companies and individuals can anonymously report the bribe demands they receive.  Making a report is quick and easy, and the online survey is currently available in 21 languages.  No names are requested or collected, and reports made to BRIBEline are not used for investigations or prosecutions.

Based on the reports that BRIBEline receives, we hope to shine a light on the bigger picture of the scope and nature of international bribery: what groups are demanding bribes, where they are demanding them, under what circumstances, etc.  Astonishingly, there is no other source collecting this data.  We will compile the information received and periodically publish reports that focus on specific countries.

To read BRIBEline's reports, click on one of the bullet-points below.  To submit a report, click on the "visit BRIBEline" link below.

Visit the BRIBEline website

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