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In support of the TRACE mission to raise anti-bribery compliance standards worldwide, we are constantly developing new programs to improve anti-bribery awareness and education. Learn more about our current initiatives below.

How to Pay a Bribe: Editorial Contest

How to Pay a Bribe (2014)

How to Pay a Bribe is a biennial collection of essays from the compliance community exposing real-world corporate bribery schemes. The collection offers an insider's view on how bribery and corruption impact international business, making it an excellent instructional tool for compliance practitioners. 

The latest edition, published in 2016 is available for purchase on Amazon.

TRACE is not currently accepting submissions for the next edition of How to Pay a Bribe. Submissions for the 2018 edition will open in 2017. For more information, please write to HowToPayABribe@TRACEinternational.org.

TRACE Shipping and Maritime Industries Initiative


Developed in response to the direct request of vessel owners, shipping agents and freight forwarders for assistance on how to tackle bribery and corruption at ports, this TRACE initiative has established strategic partnerships within the shipping and maritime industries to raise awareness of anti-bribery compliance. These partnerships provide shipping and port agents with access to TRACEcertification, an internationally accepted due diligence review, analysis and approval process for the third parties of multinational companies.

To learn more about the TRACE Shipping and Maritime Industries Initiative, click here.

Innovation in Anti-Bribery Compliance Award

TRACE Initiatives - Innovation in Anti-Bribery Compliance Award (IACA)Over the course of the last decade many companies have developed and implemented exemplary compliance programs and procedures that have helped to raise anti-bribery compliance standards worldwide. TRACE created the Innovation in Anti-Bribery Compliance Award to recognize one of these companies for their innovative approach and their contribution to the field of anti-bribery.

TRACE welcomes both self-nominations and nominations by others. There is no fee for submission. 

Award Criteria

Creativity: The innovative nature of the program.

Context and Sustainability: The contribution the program makes to a sustainable anti-bribery environment.

Good Design/Good Business: The degree to which the compliance program supports & interprets the company’s business goals through technology and design.

Legacy: The contribution of the compliance program in establishing a new benchmark for excellence in the compliance community.

This award is judged by TRACE, an internationally respected anti-bribery standard-setting organization staffed by former in-house compliance professionals and anti-bribery attorneys. The judges are experts in the field of anti-bribery and have helped hundreds of multinational companies develop compliance programs that define and utilize industry best practices. The award honors a company that has developed an innovative compliance program or system and, in keeping with TRACE’s philosophy, is willing to share its experience with the larger compliance community.

Eligible themes for nomination include Training Employees and/or Intermediaries, Third Party Due Diligence and Management, Gifts and Hospitality Management, Creating a Compliance Culture and Recruiting and Hiring.

TRACE’s evaluation is based on the information submitted. The quality of the submission is important to this process. Identities of applicant organizations will be kept confidential unless the applicant receives the award.

2016 Innovator in Anti-Bribery Compliance

2016 TRACE Innovator in Anti-Bribery Compliance: Intel Corporation

2016 Innovator in Anti-Bribery Compliance: 
Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation
Category: Ethics & Compliance Training
Strategy: Connect with employees on a personal level by engaging with them on social media through an interactive, multi-day campaign built around International Anti-Corruption Day. 

View the press release here.

2015 Innovator in Anti-Bribery Compliance

2015 TRACE Innovator in Anti-Bribery Compliance: Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN)

2015 Innovator in Anti-Bribery Compliance: Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN)

Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN)
Category: Creating a Compliance Culture
Strategy: Create an industry-wide compliance culture through collective action.

View the press release here.

2014 Innovator in Anti-Bribery Compliance

TRACE Initiatives - 2014 Innovation in Anti-Bribery Compliance Award (IACA) Winner: Dell Inc.

2014 IACA Winner: Dell Inc.

TRACE Initiatives - 2014 Innovation in Anti-Bribery Compliance Award (IACA) Honorable Mention: Covidien

2014 IACA Honorable Mention: Covidien

Winner: Dell Inc.
Category: Third Party Due Diligence and Management
Strategy: In partnership with TRACE, utilize best-in-class technology to deliver a groundbreaking portable and efficient due diligence solution.


Honorable Mention: Covidien
Category: Creating a Compliance Culture
Strategy: Empower employees to conduct discussions with their peers and create employee-relevant content about compliance. Recognizing leaders as Integrity Champions and award them for outstanding initiatives.

View the press release here.


TRACE Scholar Program

TRACE Initiatives - TRACE Scholar Program

The TRACE Scholar Program is aimed at developing exceptional leaders in the field of anti-bribery who are committed to advancing commercial transparency.

Students or professionals from developing countries with a demonstrable interest or background in anti-bribery who wish to pursue an LLM degree are invited to apply for this prestigious fellowship. The program fully funds tuition, lodging and travel. TRACE Scholars spend an academic year at the participating university of their choice where they study relevant courses focused on business ethics, rule of law, governance and/or economic development. Following their course of study, TRACE Scholars take part in a paid summer internship at TRACE headquarters in Annapolis, Maryland.

TRACE Scholars study with students from a diverse range of backgrounds to further enrich their understanding of regional challenges in reducing bribery and corruption. The TRACE Scholar Program develops informed, committed and visible leaders in this field, in support of the work of TRACE and its larger mission.

Candidates must apply directly to their university of choice. Please note that participating universities set their own application procedures and deadlines. Up to four scholarship places are available. For general enquiries, write to info@traceinternational.org

Participating Universities, 2017-2018

Peter A. Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia
Application details available here.

University of Washington School of Law
Application details available here.

Georgetown Law
Application details available here.

King’s College, Cambridge University
Application details available here.

2016-2017 TRACE Scholars

The TRACE scholars for 2016-2017 are Ms. Karina Leite of Brazil, who will study at Georgetown University Law Center, Ms. Fiona Okot of Uganda and Ms. Sofiia Kovach of Ukraine who will both attend the University of Washington School of Law.

Ms. Leite is an attorney specializing in assisting Brazilian companies to conduct business with integrity while remaining competitive. She has previously worked for Machado, Meyer, Sendacz e Opice Advogados.

Funding for Ms. Kovach will be provided by Telia Company, a major telecommunications company and mobile network operator in Europe, in support of their anti-bribery efforts in the Eurasia/CIS region. Ms. Kovach is a Capacity Building Expert at the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine, providing expertise for newly created anti-corruption institutions. Prior to joining UNDP, Ms. Kovach worked as a lawyer at Transparency International Ukraine.

Ms. Okot is a Senior Inspectorate Officer in the Inspectorate of Government in Uganda, with almost a decade of experience in Ombudsman and Anti-Corruption work, Project Monitoring and Inspection of World Bank Funded Projects run by the Government of Uganda.

For more information, view the press release announcing the 2016-2017 scholars here.

2015-2016 TRACE Scholars

The two TRACE Scholars for 2015-2016, Mr. Mokoross Amos Kiprop of Kenya and Mr. Orest Stasyuk of Ukraine, will study in the Sustainable International Development Graduate Program at the University of Washington School of Law.

Mokoross Amos Kiprop is an advocate of the high court of Kenya, serving as a Senior Resident Magistrate and tackling serious challenges such as female genital mutilation, child marriage and trafficking. While practicing law in the Kenyan towns of Kitale and Eldoret, Judge Mokoross experienced firsthand the persistence of corruption within the courts.

Orest Stasyuk is an attorney from Kiev, Ukraine who works as an associate with the criminal law practice of Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners, where he focuses on anti-bribery compliance work, implementing compliance programs and conducting anti-corruption audits in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

“The TRACE Scholar Program is designed to recruit and develop leaders in the field of anti-bribery who can return to their home countries and contribute to compliance efforts in the public or private sphere,” said Alexandra Wrage, President and Founder of TRACE. “Our inaugural scholars have interned at TRACE this summer and have been tremendously successful. I look forward to working with Mokoross and Orest next year.”

For more information, view the press release announcing the 2015-2016 TRACE Scholars here.

2015-2014 TRACE Scholars

The two TRACE Scholars for 2014-2015 are Ernesto Velasco Granda of Ecuador, who will attend the Maryland Carey School of Law, and Chitra Nair of India, who will conduct her studies at University of Washington School of Law.

Ernesto Velasco Granda is a lawyer from Quito, Ecuador. Mr. Velasco Granda is a former advisor to the Ecuadorian Minister of Transportation and Public Works where he worked to bring greater transparency to the governmental bidding process.

Chitra Nair is a lawyer and research officer for the Global Compact Network India, where she works on a project focused on corporate reporting and transparency processes.

“Ernesto and Chitra are emerging leaders in the anti-corruption, compliance and transparency effort,” TRACE President Alexandra Wrage said. “We’re delighted to have such quality candidates for our first two TRACE Scholars.”

The program received applicants from numerous countries including India, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kenya, Brazil, Congo, Ecuador, Nepal, Thailand, Venezuela, Zambia, Nepal, Malawi, China and Nigeria.

For more information, view the press release announcing the 2014-2015 TRACE Scholars here.


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