Anti-Bribery Compliance Programs

An effective anti-bribery compliance program not only provides companies with a defense against liability, but also assures stakeholders that the organization operates transparently and ethically. TRACE works with companies to establish effective compliance programs tailored to address the unique circumstances of each company and designed to mitigate specific risks.

The cornerstone of any anti-bribery compliance program is a clear policy. TRACE has drafted anti-bribery compliance policies for companies across all industries. Our attorneys will work with your team to draft a policy that is appropriate for your organizationís size, industry and culture. In order to be effective, an anti-bribery policy should be supplemented with implementing procedures addressing compliance risks such as the use of third parties, the provision of gifts and hospitality, supply chain management and charitable contributions. These procedures need not be complicated. TRACE has extensive experience assisting companies not only with drafting procedures, but ensuring effective implementation based on the compliance structure within the organization.

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