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Navigating the Evolving Regulatory Landscape in Mexico: Compliance Recommendations for Multinationals

Given the passage of recent regulations at the national level and the signing of treaties with neigh...



FCPA Enforcement Under the Biden Administration: Evaluating Trends to Date and What May Lie Ahead for 2022

The Biden Administration has now been in office for almost a year and its plan for anti-corruption e...


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Spotlight on Brazil: An Examination of the Current State of Anti-Corruption Compliance and Enforcement

Brazil passed the Clean Company Act in 2014, ushering in a new era of compliance regulation and enfo...


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Brasil em destaque: um exame da situação atual de compliance e fiscalização anticorrupção

Em 2014, o Brasil sancionou a Lei Anticorrupção (Lei da Empresa Limpa), dando in...



2021 TRACE Matrix Highlights and Effective Bribery Risk Management Strategies

Updated annually, the TRACE Bribery Risk Matrix (TRACE Matrix helps companies assess the likelihood ...


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Construction Industry Case Study: Joint Venture Partnerships and Key Ethical Considerations for Structuring Relationships

Joint ventures can be incredibly beneficial within the construction industry, but such partnerships ...


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Dissecting the multinational business focus in Germany

Dissecting the multinational business focus in Germany: how recent laws on company supply chains, pu...


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Globale Beschaffung für Geschäfte in Deutschland

Globale Beschaffung für Geschäfte in Deutschland – eine Analyse: Auswirkungen des j...


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Anti-Corruption Compliance Considerations for Charitable Donations and Political Contributions in Indonesia

For any organization looking to do business in Indonesia, it is important to understand the Indonesi...


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Implementing a Global Whistleblower Program: Where to Begin and Lessons Learned

Based upon the latest EU Directive, this webinar will discuss the rules of the Whistleblower Directi...


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Controls by the French Anti-corruption Agency (AFA): How to Prepare for Them and How to Respond

This webinar will provide insights into how to understand, anticipate and prepare in advance for a c...

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