TRACE Anti-Bribery Compliance Essentials

A certificate for those seeking a primer in anti-bribery compliance

A certificate for those seeking a primer in anti-bribery compliance

TRACE Anti-Bribery Compliance Essentials is a short online course designed for those seeking a top-level understanding of key concepts in anti-bribery compliance. Offering nine introductory-level modules all taught by subject matter experts in the field of anti-bribery compliance, the curriculum addresses core concepts equipping graduates with a baseline knowledge in one of the most high-risk areas of compliance exposure faced by companies today. The certificate enables learners to bridge one’s professional career advancement while demonstrating crucial subject matter knowledge. 


The certificate is awarded by TRACE, the internationally recognized anti-bribery standard setting organization, and supported by TASA: TRACE Anti-Bribery Specialist Accreditation.





Modules include:


  1. A Primer on the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  2. Anti-Corruption Compliance in Action
  3. Effective Internal Investigations from Discovery to Disclosure
  4. Guide to Compliant Gifts & Hospitality
  5. Third Party Due Diligence: A Practical Approach for Managing and Mitigating Anti-Bribery Risks
  6. The Role of the SEC in Enforcement of the FCPA
  7. How to Promote Transparency and Inspire Ethical Behavior Through a Compliance and Ethics Framework
  8. What You Should Know About Cost-Effective Compliance
  9. What You Should Know About Individual Liability

A copy of the eBook, ''What You Should Know About Anti-Bribery Compliance'', a collection of white papers from TRACE covering essential topics, is included with enrollment.




Students have three months from their application approval date to complete the program and pass the module quizzes. Upon completion, a certificate is awarded.


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