Compendium Roundup: January 2016

Compendium Roundup: January 2016

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February 01, 2016

This month, Smith & Ouzman Ltd was fined GBP £2.2 million after being convicted in December 2014 for making corrupt payments to officials in Mauritania, Ghana, Kenya and Somaliland. Smith & Ouzman allegedly made more than GBP £400,000 in payments to influence the award of contracts to the company for printing paper ballots.

Two of the defendants in the case that ensnared Ng Lap Seng, the chairman of Sun Kian Ip Group, pleaded guilty to various charges this month. Sheri Yan, the CEO of the Global Sustainability Foundation, and Heidi Piao, the finance director of the Global Sustainability Foundation, pleaded guilty to bribing the former United Nations President of the General Assembly and ambassador to the United Nations for Antigua and Barbuda. Both women admitted to paying bribes to the former U.N. official so that he would use his influence to promote business ventures.

The CEO of SBM Offshore N.V. and a member of the company’s supervisory board settled allegations with Brazilian authorities related to the Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. (“Petrobras”) investigation. They are each to pay BRL R$ 250,000 (approximately USD $60,000) as part of the settlement. The Brazilian comptroller general’s office announced this month that it was negotiating leniency deals with 10 companies implicated in the Petrobras investigation, including an alleged USD $250 million settlement with SBM Offshore.

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