Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Low Risk

Our low risk due diligence solutions are designed to help companies reduce their risk exposure across their broader third party network.

Medium Risk

For medium-high risk relationships, TRACE offers comprehensive due diligence options that are based on robust benchmarking and enable organizations to meet increased regulatory expectations.

High Risk

For higher risk relationships or relationships for which significant red flags have already been identified, our intensive, on-site investigations, conducted by a senior TRACE attorney, offer the most comprehensive review.

Global Supply Chain

One of the major compliance challenges faced by global organizations today is managing third party risk across the global supply chain. Anti-bribery due diligence has become a regulatory expectation under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), U.K. Bribery Act and other anti-bribery legislation. The TRACE suite of due diligence solutions offers organizations a sustainable and defensible approach to developing a more efficient workflow for screening third parties.

Risk Assessment Portal

Our online third party risk assessment platform makes it easy for organizations to collect and assess third party risk information through multilingual standard or customized questionnaires. The software integrates seamlessly with TRACE risk-based due diligence solutions, allowing users to designate risk tiers and initiate due diligence automatically upon completion of the assessment.

Upon completion of the risk sorting process, third party risk scores are assigned and high risk relationships are identified to help companies efficiently allocate limited compliance resources. An administrative dashboard enables users to monitor and manage the risk assessment process and due diligence in real-time.

TRACE due diligence solutions are innovative, cost-effective and based on robust benchmarking. With in-house capabilities in over 30 languages, a worldwide network of partner law firms that can provide on-the-ground assistance and nearly two decades of anti-bribery expertise, TRACE offers superior quality and competitive pricing.  


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The Premier Platform for Managing Third Party Risk


The TRACE Third Party Management System is a streamlined, user‐friendly online tool for managing third party risk and due diligence requirements. The platform makes it easier for compliance professionals to automate compliance activities, assess third party risk, manage due diligence reviews and track on-boarding decisions for an unlimited number of third parties.

The TPMS is a scalable platform intuitively designed with the compliance officer in mind. Three different account types are available with varying levels of customization and usability. TRACE Members enjoy complimentary access to basic TPMS features.

A key feature of the TPMS is the Intermediary Directory, a searchable database of pre-vetted and trained third parties for hire, containing thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises in every non-sanctioned country. Entities can be searched publicly by Company Name. Additional search and messaging features are available exclusively to TRACE Members.

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TRACEsort makes it easy for organizations to collect and assess third party risk information through multilingual standard or customized questionnaires. The software integrates seamlessly with TRACE risk-based due diligence solutions, allowing users to designate risk tiers and initiate due diligence automatically upon completion of the assessment. TRACE Members enjoy complimentary access to TRACEsort.

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TRACEbasic enables companies to cost-effectively screen large volumes of names against Denied Parties and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) databases and quickly identify individuals and entities that present a potential source of risk. Names are searched against hundreds of global regulatory, watch and sanctions lists.

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Screen third parties against sanctions and government watch lists and assess their reputation through a review and analysis of online and print media with TRACE Reputational Due Diligence. The subject of the search is not contacted or involved in this screening. Multilingual due diligence analysts focus on identifying adverse information or indications of government affiliations and summarize findings in the final report.



TRACEcheck® is designed for lower risk third parties or as a first run due diligence review on a large number of intermediaries, such as the intermediaries of an acquisition target, to determine where further due diligence is necessary.

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TRACEcertification is the only comprehensive due diligence review, analysis and approval process available that allows third parties to own their verified compliance report. Certification by TRACE signifies that a company or individual has completed an intensive review that meets international requirements.

As an exclusive member benefit, TRACE Corporate Members may sponsor their third parties to receive this due diligence review at a discounted rate.

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Intensive, On-the-Ground Due Diligence Investigation

Conducted by a senior TRACE attorney and due diligence analyst, this comprehensive, intelligence-gathering service builds a complete profile of the subject without outsourcing the review to an independent contractor and compromising the quality of the report. TRACEreview® offers an intensive, on-site review of higher risk relationships or relationships for which significant red flags have already been identified. It can also be used to audit third party relationships.

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TRACEselect_logo_gray&slate_largeCustom Designed Due Diligence Reports

TRACEselect® allows companies to order separately priced components of a due diligence report, based on their compliance priorities and risk profile. This service is designed to help companies better manage their commercial intermediaries at all levels of risk and fulfill their unique compliance needs with one simple and cost-effective due diligence solution. Through the user-friendly TPMS, companies can order, track and view reports as well as manage intermediary relationships in a centralized platform.

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TRACEma_logo_gray&slate_LARGESpecialized Due Diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions

TRACE M&A’s service defines the target’s anti-corruption risk profile and identifies any red flags to adjust for any bribery risks or possible successor liability in the valuation, deal structure, transaction documents or ongoing due diligence process. Furthermore, the report contains a concise risk assessment so that the acquiror’s compliance program can be appropriately extended to cover the risks presented by the newly acquired business.

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