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TASA: TRACE Anti-Bribery Specialist Accreditation®

TASA: TRACE Anti-Bribery Specialist Accreditation® is a comprehensive and rigorous training and accreditation program that offers a professional credential for anti-bribery compliance specialists. The accreditation enables professionals working in this growing field to distinguish themselves with demonstrated anti-bribery compliance expertise. TASA is the only accreditation program available that is dedicated to anti-bribery compliance and features more than 100 courses taught by world-renowned faculty. This program offers companies the highest level of training for their employees and provides individuals with a way to advance their career. The accreditation is awarded by TRACE, the internationally respected anti-bribery standard setting organization.

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Upcoming Courses


AsiaPac Webinar Series: Spotlight on Anti-Corruption Compliance Challenges in Taiwan

Date: 28 September 2018
Language: Chinese
Time: 3:00pm - 4:00pm EDT
Speaker: Edgar Chen, Senior Partner and Sophia Yeh, Associate Partner, Tsar & Tsai Law Firm.


Featuring the perspective of both a former Taiwanese judge and prosecutor as well as dual-licensed counsel in both New York and Taiwan, this webinar will provide a high-level overview of anti-corruption compliance challenges in Taiwan. Also providing guidance for companies seeking to create and implement anti-corruption policies and procedures that will not only satisfy their legal compliance obligations but also mitigate their risks, this session will offer rare, on-the-ground insight into anti-corruption cases in Taiwan.

Speaker Biographies

Edgar Chen
Senior Partner
Tsar & Tsai Law Firm 

Dr. Edgar Chen is a senior partner with Tsar & Tsai Law Firm, practicing for years and having vast experience in litigation and arbitration. Prior to joining Tsar & Tsai in 1997, Edgar has been a judicial officer for more than 10 years. He had served as the Public Prosecutor of Taipei District Court, ShiLin District Court, PanChiao District Court and JinMen District Court, as well as a judge with Taipei District Court. Edgar has also served as the Executive Secretary of the Civil Code Amendment Commission of the Ministry of Justice responsible for proposing and drafting the amendment to the Law of Obligation of the Taiwan Civil Code.

Having served as a Public Prosecutor and a judge, Edgar brought to his private practice his familiarity with the court procedures and practice. Edgar specializes in corporate, employment, labor, construction and intellectual property rights related dispute resolution.

Edgar’s representative cases include representing numerous internationally renounced high tech companies on patent right and licensing related disputes, construction companies on defects and various contractual and customer disputes, anti-trust and fair competition issues, directors and ranking officers of publicly traded companies on criminal allegations of insider trading, securities law violations, breach of trust and breach of fiduciary duties, commercial banks on customer claim and investment disputes and various corporations on employee disputes.

In 1991 Edgar was awarded with a government scholarship to study at the Law School of the University of Michigan and obtained a LL.M degree. He then earned his Doctorate Degree of Law (PhD) from the National Taiwan University in 1994. He taught and gave lectures in FuJen University from 1995 on the civil code, fair trade law, securities regulations, and case study on commercial laws.

Edgar has been elected and served as the President of the Taipei Bar Association during 2012-2014, and served as the Vice President of Taiwan Bar Association during

Sophia Yeh
Associate Partner
Tsar & Tsai Law Firm

Ms. Sophia Yeh is an associate partner with Tsar & Tsai Law Firm and is licensed in both New York and Taiwan. Sophia specializes in intellectual property law, antitrust and unfair competition law, technology law, litigation and dispute resolution, domestic and international transactions.

Sophia’s practice focuses on assisting clients in high tech industries on IP right protection and infringement disputes. Sophia’s practice also concentrates on assisting clients in antitrust, merger control, concerted action and unfair competition case and advising clients on litigation strategies for IP rights and licensing. Sophia has represented domestic companies and multi-national corporations on cases involving labor disputes, criminal defense, cross-border commercial disputes and has experience assisting domestic clients with cross-border dispute resolution cases including litigation in the U.S., Japan and Europe.


Internal Investigations in Latin America

Date: 10 October 2018
12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT
Speakers: María González Calvet
, Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP and Martha Mallory, Business Development Manager of Latin America, TRACE.


Led by María González Calvet, Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP, this session will address the nuances of conducting international investigations in Latin America. Addressing issues that may raise legal or reputational risk globally with a focus on Latin America as a region, Ms. Gonzalez Calvet will speak to how to drive measurable efficiencies in investigative matter management, including with regard to budgets as well as specific issues concerning discovery and information sharing unique to the Latin America region.

Speaker Biographies

María González Calvet
Ropes & Gray LLP

María González Calvet is an anti-corruption and international risk partner in the firm’s Washington, D.C. office. Recognized for her deep understanding and experience in the application of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other anti-bribery statutes in Latin America, she has worked with leaders in government, business and finance to investigate and assess risk across the region for more than a decade. She has substantial experience conducting investigations on behalf of companies and individuals concerning multi-jurisdictional matters involving corruption, money laundering, and other forms of financial fraud.

María has conducted internal and government investigations in more than 20 Latin American countries and draws on her past work in government and the corporate sector to help clients across industries and geographies to identify and mitigate corruption risks and implement effective compliance programs. In addition to her Latin America knowledge, María has experience in anti-corruption and other investigative matters in Asia, Africa, and Europe, and in every significant business sector.

She has particular experience in the following areas:

  • Jurisdictional questions and challenges that arise from coordinated prosecution by multiple enforcement authorities
  • Transactions and business dealings with government entities and financial institutions
  • Risks associated with consortia and other partnerships
  • Pre- and post-acquisition due diligence in high-risk markets

Prior to joining Ropes & Gray in 2018, María served as Executive Counsel, Global Investigations for General Electric where she led and managed government, regulatory and internal investigations for the company’s business in Latin America. Earlier in her career, she was a trial attorney in the U.S. Department of Justice’s Criminal Division, Fraud Section, and was a member of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Unit where she led some of the Department’s most important investigations involving allegations of corruption and other white collar offenses in Latin America. 

María is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. Before becoming a lawyer, she worked in education, focusing on adult literacy and bilingual education. 

Martha Mallory
Business Development Manager of Latin America

Martha Mallory is a Mexican trained attorney with experience in white collar crime, internal investigations and anti-corruption, with a special focus on Latin America. She has over seven years of experience working for the Mexican government in the areas of law enforcement, international criminal law, financial assistance, project coordination and tax litigation. As Business Development Manager for Latin America, Martha provides both multinationals and local companies with tailored compliance solutions that fit the needs of the market.

Prior to joining TRACE, Martha worked at the Legal Attaché Office of the General Attorney’s Office at the Mexican Embassy in Washington D.C. specializing in mutual legal assistance, anti-corruption, white collar crime, U.S. congressional investigations, sting operations and anti-money laundering practices. 

Martha studied law at Escuela Libre de Derecho in Mexico City, and holds an LL.M. in General Studies from Georgetown University Law Center with a focus on white collar, anti-corruption and internal investigations.

Martha has been admitted to the New York State Bar and is also authorized to practice law in Mexico. She is a native Spanish speaker and is currently based in Washington, D.C.


Third Party Due Diligence: A Practical Approach for Managing and Mitigating Anti-Bribery Risks

Date: 18 October 2018
1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT
Speakers: Pia Vining
, Senior Director, Due Diligence, TRACE.


Third party due diligence is both a necessary cost and a precaution of doing business in today’s high-risk business environment. As personal connections and Government relationships behind the scenes become more difficult to discern making third parties a top point of exposure for multinational organizations, this session will provide an overview of the purpose and legal basis behind third party due diligence. Offering practical guidance for conducting due diligence as part of an anti-bribery compliance program as well as insight into key “red flags” and how to address them when they arise, this session will also delve into a few case study examples that will explore various approaches for managing third party relationships.

Speaker Biography

Pia Vining
Senior Director, Due Diligence

In her role at TRACE, Ms. Vining assists multinational companies with selecting and executing the appropriate due diligence solution. Her team of multilingual due diligence analysts and lawyers has completed reviews on thousands of commercial intermediaries in most countries and across all industries.  She helps develop customized, best practices third party management programs for TRACE members and customers.

Prior to joining TRACE, Ms. Vining was a litigation specialist in the tax department of Miller & Chevalier. She graduated from the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law, and holds an LL.M. degree from The George Washington University Law School. She speaks Finnish and Swedish.

Ms. Vining is a member of the New York bar association.


Innovations in Compliance & Ethics Training – Developing Effective & Engaging Training for Anti-Bribery Compliance

Date: 6 November 2018
1:00pm - 2:00pm EST
Rashelle Tanner, Director of Compliance Training, Office of Legal Compliance, Microsoft


Utilizing a case-study format, this session will provide valuable insights into developing compliance and ethics training programs that fully engage the learner. As part of the session, you’ll view examples of how Microsoft is using a suspenseful episodic drama format showing relatable characters maneuvering through ethical issues. In part based on adult learning research, this approach has significantly increased learner engagement, investment, and retention among Microsoft employees. You'll walk away from this session with practical ideas for promoting awareness, combatting fatigue, and increasing retention and excitement through realistic storytelling and reinforcement of core compliance and ethics concepts.

Speaker Biography

Rashelle Tanner
Director of Compliance Training, Office of Legal Compliance

As part of Microsoft’s  Litigation, Competition & Compliance Group, Rashelle leads global anti-corruption and business conduct learning programs designed to empower employees to make decisions with integrity.  Her award-winning online Standards of Business Conduct course is delivered annually, translated into 17 languages, and is required learning for Microsoft’s 120,000 employees and board of directors.  Previously, Rashelle was SVP, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for CRISTA, where she led corporate and board governance, legal affairs, and compliance in long-term care, international relief and development, media broadcasting and education.  Rashelle began her practice as an employment defense litigator at Williams Kastner & Gibbs after interning at the Washington State Court of Appeals.   Rashelle is also a Momentum A.C.E.S. advisory board member, exploring anti-bribery, anti-corruption, international trade and sanctions compliance, and earned the Inaugural Faces of A.C.E.S. Award for Championing Diversity in Compliance Innovation.  Rashelle earned her J.D. from Seattle University Law School and her B.A. from Howard University.  She is a graduate of Leadership Tomorrow and is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States.


The Art of Joint Bidding – An Oil & Gas Industry Guide for Navigating the Process of Joint Bidding

Date: 13 December 2018
1:00pm - 2:00pm EST
Gabriella Neal, Counsel for Latin America and Mexico, Weatherford International LLC 


More and more often, end customers within the oil and gas industry are requesting joint bids for complex projects to supplement a lack of expertise by a party involved. Led by Gabriella Neal, Regional Compliance Counsel for Latin America and Mexico Geozone Counsel at Weatherford, learn during this session practical guidance for navigating the joint bidding process in a manner that will reduce your company’s risk exposure while ensuring compliance with key anti-bribery regulations. Addressing key topics including due diligence and contract terms, an added benefit of this session, Ms. Neal will also share insights into the nuances of joint bidding when working with partners in various jurisdictions including Latin American and Mexico.

Speaker Biography

Gabriella Neal
Counsel for Latin America and Mexico
Weatherford International LLC 

Gabriella Neal currently serves as Regional Compliance Counsel for Latin America and Mexico Geozone Counsel at Weatherford where she’s held that role since April 2018. A dual licensed attorney in both New York and Mexico, Gabriella’s specialties include US & Latin America commercial and corporate law, international employment law, data privacy, corporate compliance, FCPA and software licensing. Prior to her current role Gabriella held the position of Legal Counsel for Mexico & Venezuela wherein she was responsible for all legal support in Mexico and Venezuela, supervising and managing local attorneys and legal staff on all legal matters including contract negotiations, bid processes, commercial issues and labor matters. Prior to joining Weatherford, Gabriella was employed at Halliburton where she held several roles including Northern Latin America Counsel and President, iMPACT Board of Directors Professional Organization, an organization of Halliburton professionals with the primary objective of furthering employee development, enhancing leadership competencies and increasing employee retention through networking and leadership programs that prepare members for growth within the company.


Accreditation Program Requirements

The accreditation process requires that candidates complete a minimum of 30 hours of coursework and pass the accreditation examination with a score of 85 or higher. The requirements must be fulfilled within 12 months of entering the program.

The TASA program provides a core set of fundamental anti-bribery compliance courses along with a broad range of regional and industry specific topics.

  • Substantive Expertise: Courses focused on corporate compliance programs, third party due diligence, books and records provisions, law enforcement and international organizations.
  • Regional Expertise: Courses focused on anti-bribery challenges in specific countries including, but not limited to, China, Russia, India, Nigeria, Brazil and Myanmar.
  • Industry Expertise: Courses tailored for oil and gas, aerospace and defense, technology, retail, healthcare, financial services industries and the international development community.

Candidates are encouraged to design their own path of study of follow the standard two-phase structure detailed below.

Program Phase 1: Fundamentals

This phase consists of 7 one-hour fundamental courses, which candidates are encouraged to complete before moving on to intermediate and advanced courses. The fundamental courses include:

  1. Introduction to the FCPA: the History, the Law and the Lore 
  2. Key Considerations in Anti-Corruption Investigations 
  3. FCPA Compliance in Action 
  4. Gifts and Hospitality in the Anti-Bribery Context 
  5. Anti-Bribery Books & Records – Background, Best Practices and Red Flags
  6. Due Diligence on Third Parties: Rationale, Requirements and Red Flags
  7. The Role of the Private Sector in Combating Institutionalized Corruption in Emerging Markets

Program Phase 2: Focus Areas

This phase consists of at least 23 hours of live and recorded courses from the 5 focus areas. Candidates are advised to dedicate 3-4 hours to each of the focus areas and obtain any remaining credit hours from a TASA accredited conference.

  • Compliance Programs and Risk Management
  • Country/Region Specific
  • Industry-Specific
  • International Organizations & Civil Society
  • Investigations and Enforcement
Employees of TRACE Member companies benefit from complimentary access to  all live and recorded TASA: TRACE Anti-Bribery Specialist Accreditation® webinars and discounted tuition.