Partner Law Firms

TRACE partners with over 100 law firms around the world, representing nearly 130 countries.  Each firm provides valuable information and expertise in anti-bribery laws and regulations for the benefit of TRACE’s multinational and intermediary members.  TRACE carefully selects each partner firm:

  • One law firm per country
  • Law firms with exceptional experience in and knowledge of anti-bribery laws  and related compliance matters

Trace Partner Law Firms commit to providing TRACE, on a pro bono basis, with information that member companies should consider in their efforts to comply with local and home country anti-bribery laws, such as:

  • Laws and regulations regarding fees to commercial intermediaries
  • Laws restricting type or location of commercial intermediaries
  • Laws and customs with respect to giving giftsand providing hospitality and travel to public officials

TRACE Partner Law Firms do not join TRACE nor do they become members of the organization.   Firms are not required to pay a fee or enter into a written agreement. 

TRACE’s web-based, member-only Resource Center lists the biographies and contact information of each Partner Law Firm so that members may contact the firms directly if legal advice is needed. 

Law firms with a strong knowledge of local anti-bribery law and expertise in related compliance matters (third-party due diligence, cross-border transactions, internal investigations, corporate governance, etc.) are welcome to contact to learn more about available partnership opportunities.

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