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TRACE periodically hosts webinars that focus on bribery and supply chain risks and offer practical solutions, developed by TRACE, to address these issues.

Our most recent webinar, TRACEcertification: Transparency as a Competitive Advantage for SMEs (March 6, 2014), discusses how SMEs can gain a competitive advantage through demonstrating a commitment to transparent and ethical business practices and provides an overview of TRACEcertification, an internationally recognized compliance credential that showcases a company’s strong and pragmatic commitment to transparency and integrity. It also briefly addresses the expanding international legal landscape and the need for companies to comply with anti-bribery laws, including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK Bribery Act, and regulations addressing conflict minerals and trafficked labor in supply chains.

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Upcoming Webinars

Anti-Bribery and Third-Party Compliance in 2014: What Is Required of Multinational Companies and Their Global Business Partners?
April 15, 2014
Hosted by: Bloomberg BNA
*Alexandra Wrage, TRACE President, speaking
TRACE Members receive a discount. Please contact Virna Di Palma at dipalma@traceinternational.org to receive the discount code.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption / Bribery Programs - Internal Audit's Role
May 13, 2014
Hosted by: The Institute of Internal Auditors Canada
*Alexandra Wrage, TRACE President, speaking

Archive of Past Webinars:

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-- Online Anti-Bribery Training for Employees and Intermediaries
-- TRACE Member and Non-Member Resources
-- Responding to Supply and Marketing Chain Compliance Risks: How to Leverage Portable Due Diligence Solutions
-- Addressing New Conflict Minerals Reporting Requirements
-- TRACEcertification: Transparency as a Competitive Advantage for SMEs

*También disponible en español

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