Membership Benefits

TRACE multinational member companies have access to the following member benefits:

  • Access to the TRACE online Resource Center, which includes:
    • Local law resources, including Country Bulletins answering the twenty-one questions that companies should ask before retaining a commercial intermediary in a particular country
    • Country-specific gifts and hospitality guidelines
    • Model compliance policies and procedures
    • Benchmarking surveys and “best practices” research
  • Access to a multilingual online anti-bribery training program for employees and intermediaries
  • Attendance at the annual TRACE Forum for in-house counsel and compliance officers
  • Anti-bribery workshops held at locations around the world for local employees and commercial intermediaries
  • Gifts & Hospitality Tracking Software
  • Network of international anti-bribery experts at designated "TRACE Firms" in over 100 countries
  • Discounted TRACE Anti-bribery Specialist Accreditation (TASA) program fee
  • Discounted rates at American Conference Institute (ACI) events

For member intermediaries, joining TRACE: 

  • highlights your company's commitment to transparent business practices and makes you a better business partner for multinational corporations
  • provides you with online anti-bribery training at no charge, as well as in-person training at TRACE workshops
  • enrolls you on the list of intermediaries who have met the TRACE standard of review for transparency in international commercial transactions

TRACE International, Inc.


TRACE provides multinational companies and their commercial intermediaries with an unparalleled membership program, scalable and customizable training options and risk-based due diligence and advisory services.


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