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Customizable due diligence “dashboard”

TRACEselect is a customizable due diligence “dashboard” available to manage a company’s commercial intermediaries. Companies are able to select separately priced components of a due diligence report. Through the TRACEselect dashboard, companies can design, order and view due diligence reports, upload related documents and track and manage their intermediary relationships for a comprehensive due diligence solution. TRACEselect is available to both TRACE members and non-members.

Customized report to that can include but is not limited to:

  • Comprehensive anti-bribery questionnaire
  • Business registrations
  • CVs for key employees
  • Reference from the U.S. Embassy
  • Business and financial references
  • A signed Anti-Bribery Compliance Policy Certification
  • Training (administered and tracked)
  • Reputational screening, which includes:
    • media search
    • denied parties
    • politically exposed persons
    • internet based searches of the intermediary, owners and key employees

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