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Streamlined Due Diligence with a One Week Turn Around Time

TRACEcheck is an online due diligence review that provides a high-level overview of third parties within a low-risk relationship category, along with a summary into potential risk factors. TRACEcheck is designed for low risk business partners or as a first run due diligence review on a large number of intermediaries, such as the intermediaries of an acquisition target, to determine where further due diligence is necessary. Each report is managed by an experienced, multilingual due diligence analyst and leverages TRACE’s internationally renowned questionnaire to deliver actionable insights into a third party relationship. A TRACEcheck report contains key ownership, personnel and reputational information about an intermediary. These reports are available to both TRACE members and non-members. 

Customized reports can include, but are not limited to, the following components:

  • Comprehensive anti-bribery questionnaire
  • Self-certification of financial stability
  • Anti-bribery compliance certification from the intermediary
  • Business reference contact information obtained
  • Reputational Screening: media and internet-based searches, denied parties/PEP screenings

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