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A comprehensive due diligence review and approval process that eliminates screening costs for multinationals and provides certified entities with portable compliance information.

Case Study

The S3 Story: Due Diligence as a Business Advantage

"Aside from documenting our compliance, having a recognized international certification enhances our corporate image. It differentiates S3 from the competition and shows a certain seriousness about being compliant."

Read the full story here.

TRACEcertification is the only due diligence review, analysis and approval process available that allows third parties to own their verified due diligence reports.  The candidate is required to complete a mandatory anti-bribery training course, adopt an anti-bribery code of conduct and update their due diligence information annually. A review that reaches completion will result in the certification of the third party by TRACE. Certification by TRACE signifies that the candidate has completed internationally accepted due diligence procedures and has been forthcoming and cooperative during the review process.

TRACEcertification portable due diligence reports are packaged for the purpose of sharing verified due diligence information with an unlimited number of business partners and contain a wealth of anti-bribery compliance information establishing that an individual or organization has been thoroughly vetted, trained and certified by TRACE. Reports are completed in under 4 weeks and contain:

  • Red flags identified
  • Comprehensive anti-bribery questionnaire
  • Company literature collected and reviewed
  • Business registrations
  • Names and CVs for owners, directors, and key employees
  • Contact information for three business references
  • Financial reference
  • A signed Anti-Bribery Code of Conduct
  • Reputational screening: media and internet based searches, denied parties/politically exposed persons screenings (continuous)

TRACE Certified companies are “pre-vetted” partners for multinational companies seeking to do business with suppliers who share their commitment to transparent business practices.

To initiate a TRACEcertification review, please direct your inquiry to certification@TRACEinternational.org.

TRACEcertification is not a guarantee against past or potential wrongdoing by the certified entity or a guarantee against potential liability. A summary of any “red flags” identified during the TRACEcertification review will be included in the report, but not all red flags preclude TRACEcertification. Companies doing business with the TRACE Certified entity should request a full copy of the underlying report. 

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