Supply Chain Due Diligence

Supply Chain Compliance Solution

TRAC is the first global platform that captures, assesses and shares baseline due diligence information on organizations and individuals across the supply chain and assigns a universal ID number (TRAC Number) to all approved applicants. This secure, web-based tool creates a new standard for base level due diligence benefitting both multinationals and their suppliers:

  • Fast, easy and cost-efficient shared cost model---free to access TRAC profiles, $80 to apply for TRAC number
  • Companies requiring or requesting TRAC numbers and suppliers obtaining TRAC numbers demonstrate their strong commitment to commercial transparency
  • Application and process captures critical, base level information:
    • Verifies identity, address and ownership of an organization
    • Self-reporting on key issues of concern in the supply chain including use of conflict minerals, involvement in human trafficking and history of any anti-bribery legal proceedings against the TRAC applicant
    • Scanning against government watch lists
  • Supports a broad range of organizations and needs
  • 12-digit TRAC number is issued upon submission and approval of a TRAC application
  • Access to basic TRAC holder information is publicly accessible 
  • Access to full TRAC profiles is available with authorization from TRAC holder

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TRACE provides multinational companies and their commercial intermediaries with an unparalleled membership program, scalable and customizable training options and risk-based due diligence and advisory services.


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