M&A Compliance Due Diligence



TRACE provides specialized anti-bribery due diligence services for companies evaluating a potential merger, acquisition, investment or joint venture. The objective of this due diligence is to define the anti-corruption risk profile of the target or partner and uncover any “red flags,” including any past or ongoing violations of anti-bribery laws and standards. When anti-bribery due diligence is conducted before a transaction is consummated, material bribery risks or possible successor liability can be adjusted for in the valuation, deal structure, transaction documents or subsequent due diligence process. In addition, robust anti-bribery due diligence conducted before a corporate transaction is completed greatly facilitates the integration of the target into the acquiring company’s anti-corruption compliance program.

Features include:

  • Customized to meet the specific nature of the situation and due diligence target
  • Provides an intensive review
  • Defines the target’s anti-corruption risk profile
  • Uncovers any “red flags,” including any past or ongoing violations of anti-bribery laws and standards

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